Building and construction works

Professional building and construction works requires usage of the modern equipment and technology. For these realization we use our own extensive equipment and own transportation. Maintenance of such potential costs, even though it is cheaper than the leasehold. Our own small-size boardings, systems of the bearings of the beam-and-slab floors, cradle scaffolds, drilling machines for reinforced concrete, complete back-up facilities and own transportation are enough for the medium-size realization. When we have bigger projects we often lease the equipment from the foursquared companies with whom we have good relationship. Moreover, we have an agreement with the waste utilization company meeting all of the EU requirements.

Our realizations are mostly general contracting and more popular design and build projects. Under our management we have the project design engineers to strengthen the building and construction team with works simultaneously with the prefabrication team. We willingly are taking on the challenging engineering projects. At our site, you can find the realizations of strips barking, stabilization of the construction of the flyover of the crane as well as the making of the steam-trap systems for the plywood company Sklejka Multi S.A. all made with the design and build method. Another interesting project was building the landing site for the helicopters at the rooftop of the hospital in Brodnica. So far, we have built almost 1,000 flats in Bydgoszcz. We have realized many educational buildings including the educational complex for the Salesians of Don Bosco in Bydgoszcz, development of the school for the deaf and blind children named after L.Brail in Bydgoszcz, primary school as well as prekindergarten in Łochowo.

Only this is a part of our accomplishments. All of that is due to our dedicated and professional staff: the engineers, the workers, reliable subcontractors and suppliers. It is not our intention to compete with the corporations. We fulfill the needs of investors without unnecessary procedures.