4B Dimension

Building, Bydgoszcz, Brda river and Baupol – is the case for the stroll over the city, in which we work for more than 25 years.

Bydgoszcz is the biggest city in the region, of 400 thousand + population, the 8th biggest city in Poland. It is the main business, cultural, educational and sport centre of kuyavian-pomeranian voivodship. The airport brings the international feeling of the city. Bydgoszcz is located in the main railwail road from Berlin to Gdańsk, at the crossroads of the water road E70 and the express roads S5 and S10 that makes the city perfectly set.

Just like our city’s coat of arms shows, if you come with good intentions you are more than welcome to stay.

Business can be tough. After the work, you need to find some space to relax. Bydgoszcz is one of the most greenest cities in Poland with its biggest park “Myślęcinek” providing the green area of 830 hectars. The only city surpassing Bydgoszcz in terms of the green areas in the city is Warsaw. In comparison with other biggest cities in Poland, Bydgoszcz is the one with the least air pollution. Bydgoszcz’s Opera Nova and the musical park including Music Academy and Philharmonic is the one of a kind in Europe. The clubs definitely worth going are Kuźnia and Mózg (the cradle of the yass music in Poland).

Amongs many prominent citizens of the city the ones worth noting coming straight from Bydgoszcze are: Tomasz Gollob (the Speedway World Champion in 2010) and Zbigniew Boniek (the bronze medalist of the World Championship in Football in 1982, played previously for Roma and Juventus Turin).

The last but not the least is the beautifl Bydgoszcz canal with its picturesque sluice gates ending up in the unique Mill Island in the city centre.

Have a taste of Bydogszcz in 4B dimension!