The construction of the sports and dayroom building at Jan Twardowski street at Przyłęki and at Zabytkowa 5 in Białe Błota covered the building of the sports gym with the function of being a dayroom for the children after the classes made due to the partition wall, as well as 3 educational classes with full infrastructure i.e. sanitary and water installations, boilerhouse, electric and technical rain and sewage system as well as the lighting of the site.

Value of the works: 3.323.935.92 PLN

Span of works: may 2017 – august 2018

Building space: 3.501,27 m3

Construction space: 936,53 m2

Usable area: 810,24 m2

Technical information

Investor: :Białe Błota Municipality

Location: ul. Zabytkowa 5, Przyłęki

End of works: August 2018

Value of the investment: 3.323.935,92 PLN